Digital X-Rays

Safe, fast, convenient, and environmentally responsible!

Digital imaging or computer x-rays have had a dramatic impact on dental care.  While we have always had film x-rays, now, with digital technology, quality, high resolution images of your teeth appear instantly on a computer screen within your view.   Our dental team use these images to help you understand your dental health and to help you decide on any treatment that you may be considering.

At your initial visit, we will examine your teeth and recommend dental imaging that is specific to your individual needs. Even children benefit from digital imaging – especially during the mixed dentition stage – when baby teeth are being shed and permanent teeth are erupting.  A single panoramic image will show all your child’s primary and permanent teeth in various stages of development.

Imaging is a very important part of your dental care allowing us to see what is not visible to the naked eye, prevent undesirable outcomes and recommend suitable treatment.  Should you need to be referred to a Specialist, dental imaging allows us to send your image (with your permission) to doctors who can access your image digitally and understand the nature of your care.


Benefits of Digital Imaging:

  • Up to 90% reduction in x-ray energy (radiation)
  • High resolution images appear on screen instantly
  • No developer/fixer chemistry odours in office
  • Used to detect a wide range of dental conditions
  • Shows impacted, extra or missing teeth
  • Used to evaluate jaw bone loss resulting from gum disease
  • Integral in the planning of any restorative treatment including dental implants
  • See jaw joints, cysts, tumors

Throughout your lifetime, we will continue to conservatively recommend dental imaging to ensure your optimal, long term dental health.  As always, at Riverside South Dental Centre, Dr. Ohanian and Associates welcome any questions you may have.